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    • Application to automobile manufacturing,engineering machinery shipbuilding industy,aviation and agricultural machinery,etc

    • Apply to general carbon steel,excellent carbon steel,low alloy steel,conducting butt welding,lap welding and fillet welding of all space position

    • Apply to φ0.8~φ1.0mm welding wire,fixed location welding,various kinds of thin thickness of the common parts,frame and auto industy Used as DiYer

    Product Presentation

    • Adopt IGBT & advanced PWM inverter technology

    • High performance 32bit MCU and LCD display

    • DC MIG,Lift-TIG,MMA function

    • Are force,hot start can be adjusted in the manual welding

    • Current dropping and gas aspirated time can be adjusted in the argon arc welding

    • Selective modules;MEC,VRD,PFC

      (Add differernt function module,the parameter and weight will change)

    • Synergic HOME function automaticaliy manages ideal voltage while only adjusting wire feed speed

    • Compact,light weight,portable

    • Compatibal POWER GENERATOR

    • Intelligent Protection;over-voltage,low-voltage,over-current,over-heat

    NB-200D technical parameters

    Input Voltage(V)220/230/240
    Rated Input Current(A)34.82640.6
    Rated Input Power(KW)
    No Load Voltage(V)84
    Current Range(A)5-200
    Duty Cycle(25℃ 10min)200A 40%160A 60%140A 100%
    Duty Cycle(40℃ 10min)200A 25%125A 60%100A 100%
    Protection ClassIP23S
    Insulation ClassF
    Net Weight(kg)14

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