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    Nuclear power installation,pipe installtion,petrochemical,shipbuliding,automobile,boiler,pressure vessel,aviation,etc.

    Apply to all position welding of stainless steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,copper,titanium aluminum and other plates

    Used by DIYer

    Product Presentation

    • Adopt IGBT & advanced PWM inverter technology

    • Using high performance MCU,speedy,excellent real-time response

    • Digital display,easy operation

    • Each welding parameter can be adjusted in real-time

    • Intelligent HF,brush strokes arc ignition technology,high success rate

    • Welding pluse parameters accurate

    • Intelligent protection function based on the fuzzy technology

    • Selective module:EMC,PULSE

      (Add differernt function module,the parameter and weight will change)

    BI-2000 technical parameters
    Input Voltage(V)220/230/240
    Rated Input Current(A)TIG26 MMA40.6
    Rated Input Power(KW)TIG4.6 MMA7.2
    No Load Voltage(V)60
    Current Range(A)5-200
    Duty Cycle(25℃ 10min)200A40% 140A100%
    Duty Cycle(40℃ 10min)200A25% 100A100%
    Protection ClassIP23S
    Insulation ClassF
    Net Weight(kg)11

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